Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hunting Season Thoughts

I have some pictures I want to share from my opening weekend hunt last November. This is for all you hunters. But First, I want to share a few words with you.

As we go through our lives, we are to be fishers of men and not hunters of them. The point I want to make is that Fishermen cast bait in an attempt to get a nibble and catch fish. They do a lot of luring to get their fish and even the right fish. Hunters, unlike fishermen, while they may bait what they are hungin, they actually stalk and sneak up on their pray and then kill. Jesus told Simon and his brother Andrew to follow him and that He would make them fishers of men. (see Matt 4:19 & Mark 1:17) I don't think they really knew what He was saying when He told this to them. This, howerver, is the exact method we should use in sharing Christ with non-believers. We should fish for them and not hunt for them. And when we fish, let's make sure that we are not fishing in a stagnant pond. That would be like hunting in the same spot and expecting Polar Bear to show up in the desert. When we have the opportunity to share Christ with someone, do it from a fisherman's view by "casting the bait" and luring them to Christ by first being an example and second by giving them little nuggets of wisdom that would encourage them to want to know more. Be the trailor or the advertisement such as in a movie and then allow them to decide how much they want to nibble or take the bait to get to know Christ more.

Now, here are a few pictures of the Axis Buck and Sika Buck that I got this past opening weekend near Rocksprings, Tx in Novemeber.  I've got a trophy Axis already but this one weighed in at 200 lbs and it's got a beautiful colorful hide. I snapped some really nice shots of a bigger Sika Buck but I just couldn't pass this one up...I just wanted to have this Sika Buck to add to the collection of exotics from the ranch.

How exciting!

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